Whether you are an athlete, exercise for fun and fitness or suffer from muscle aches and tension due to work postures massage can help you. Massage is an ancient art and extremely beneficial and yet it is considered a luxury to many people, however it can play a crucial role in treating and managing many common muscular problems in today’s society and improving performance at work and play.

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Benefits of massage include:
  • Alleviates pain and stress
  • Releases chronic tension in muscles
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Increases range of motion
  • Enhances the recovery process
  • Assists removal of metabolic waste
  • Prevents injury

Whilst sports massage is very useful to ease discomfort and speed healing when you have an injury, prevention is always better than cure. A regular massage can help keep certain injuries and niggling aches and tension at bay whether acute or chronic. A regular programme helps maintain and improve joint range and flexibility.

Remember, a sports massage is not just beneficial for sports people.

Sports Massage Gift E-Voucher

50 min Massage Voucher      £47

Our printable massage vouchers make a great gift for family or friends. To order a voucher call us on 01623 334336. We can take payment over the phone and then send you out an E-gift card within 24 hours which can be printed and given as a gift. The receiver can then simply contact the clinic to arrange a suitable date and time for their massage.